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“Western countries abuse technological advantages for eavesdropping”: Chinese embassies criticize EU and NATO


The European Union said on July 19 that malicious cyber activities in China had compromised the security of “thousands of computers and networks around the world.” An unusually large coalition of countries criticized China for “global espionage,” a charge Beijing vehemently denied.

Chinese embassies across the European Union on Tuesday launched a scathing attack on Western countries as well as the United States-led military alliance, NATO, for “making baseless accusations” that China is ‘was engaged in malicious cyber activities against them to “undermine the integrity of cyberspace around the world”. “.

The Chinese mission to the EU said the EU and NATO statements “were not based on facts but on baseless speculation and accusations.”

“For years, some Western countries have abused their technological strengths for massive and indiscriminate eavesdropping around the world, including on its close allies. At the same time, they have boasted of being the guardians of cybersecurity. They are pushing their allies. form small circles and repeatedly defame and attack other countries over cybersecurity issues, ”the Chinese mission said.

The Chinese mission also highlighted the extent of cyber attacks that China has suffered against its entities. The annual report of the Technical Team / Emergency Response Coordination Center of the National Computer Network of China revealed that last year, 5.31 million hosts on the Chinese mainland were controlled by a total of about 52,000 servers abroad.

Our spokesperson’s response to EU and NATO statements on so-called Chinese malicious cyber activity: Allegations in EU and NATO statements are not based on facts and evidence, but on speculation and baseless accusations.
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– China Mission (@ChinaEUMission) July 19, 2021
“The top three origins of overseas servers in terms of the number of compromised Chinese hosts are all from NATO member states. This has severely affected national security, economic and social development and the lives of people. people from China, ”the mission said.

Earlier Monday, NATO accused China of endangering Euro-Atlantic security through hostile cyber activities.


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