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third quarter 2021 commercial update

Amsterdam /‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, 29 October 2021

  • Very good quarterly result on a robust operating background accounting results and profits to sales of the portfolio of investments

  • Client assets up to €125.2 billion (end of June 2021: 121.0 billion) and At M to €107.2 billion (end of June 2021: 104.2 billion)

  • Net collection To Private clients of 0.6 billion and net outputs To Wholesales and institutional clients of 2.1 billion in T3

  • High capital ratio To 20.0% (end of June 2021: 21.9%)

Constant Korthout, Van Lanschot Campine Chief Financial Officer and Risk Officer, noted: “We are proud of our third quarter results. Once again, we are seeing strong net inflows at Private Clients. The results are mixed at Wholesale & Institutional Clients, where exits exceeded entries following the departure of a few institutional clients.

“Our clients are increasingly looking to invest in less liquid solutions, as evidenced by the strong client appetite for the launch of our Kempen European Private Equity Fund II. Hof Hoorneman Bankiers customers have fully migrated during the quarter, are now on our platform and have access to our product and service offering.

Accounts receivable amounted to 125.2 billion euros (end of June 2021: 121.0 billion euros) and assets under management (AuM) amounted to 107.2 billion euros compared to 104.2 billion euros at the end of June 2021, a significant part of the increase reflecting the outstandings of Mercier Vanderlinden. . The operation to acquire 70% of the capital of Mercier Vanderlinden was finalized in July and the collaboration is going smoothly, Mercier Vanderlinden having continued to grow since the announcement of the transaction.

Private Customers experienced another quarter of high net inflows, with 0.6 billion euros, bringing the segment’s net inflows to 3.0 billion euros since the start of the year.

Wholesale and Institutional Customers recorded net outflows of 2.1 billion euros in the third quarter. The main cause was an exit – as previously stated – from credit strategies and the departure of a fiduciary client. On the other hand, less liquid strategies recorded solid inflows, reflecting our position as a niche player in this market.

In addition to a strong operating result, sales of the equity portfolio also contributed to the net result. The sales of our interests in Fire Safety Holding and Quint Holding generated accounting profits of over € 10 million and approximately € 5 million respectively, while the sale of our non-strategic stake in Holonite (Holowell BV ) contributed approximately € 2 million to net profit. .

Our capitalization is solid and our capital ratio stands at 20.0% (end of June 2021: 21.9%). This includes the impact of the acquisition of Mercier Vanderlinden.

February 24, 2022 Publication of 2021 annual results

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