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Sunday showers highlight business flooding issues on avenue Cassat

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – Some Jacksonville residents and businesses faced flooding during torrential rains on Sunday.

Helen Lam of Minh Ngoc Jewelry on Cassat Avenue said the water rushed during heavy rains on Sunday. She took a video of this as it was happening. She said it was bad, but drainage has been a constant problem in the area.

“I have been here for 25 years. They haven’t settled anything yet. And it does it all the time during a heavy rain, ”Lam said. “All the cars were stuck, yeah, everywhere.”

Flooding in the Cassat Avenue business

Catacorner of the jewelry store is Automac, a parking lot just off I-10. Owner John Rombert said they had been complaining for months about the storm sewer bursting. Rombert said the construction, which was supposed to improve it, did the exact opposite

“They have spent millions of dollars here over the past five years trying to fix this problem. That didn’t solve it at all, ”Rombert said. “It’s worse than ever, mainly because they don’t maintain the drains.”

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News4Jax has checked with the Florida Department of Transportation regarding the issue. FDOT spokesperson Hampton Ray said they were aware of the problem, but after the storm found the drainage system to be free of debris and operational.

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News4Jax has checked other known flood zones in the city. In Riverside, neighbors said a collapse on Sunday near Remington Street and Willow Branch Avenue was a lingering problem. A city spokesperson said Monday was the first time the issue had been reported to them.

On Monday, News4Jax returned to McCoys Creek after Sunday’s storms. It is a well-known flood point. Work is underway to make changes to the area as part of the Emerald Trail, and city crews could be seen in the area on Monday.

Floods also took place on Sunday in Saint-Marc. Public works staff said on Monday that the pumps to help get rid of that water are running and are ready to do the job.

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