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SarkarSEO Boosts Brand Growth and Credibility, Says Multi-Million Digital Entrepreneur Mohit Parnami

“Where entrepreneurship is considered, no man ever thinks of stopping at one place, they keep pushing each other until they realize what they set out to do. And that’s how an entrepreneur brings change in the industry ”, Mohit Parnami also known as Sarkar, founder of SarkarSEO

The digital age has been one of the greatest breakthroughs in human history. The way technology has deeply immersed thousands of people around the world speaks volumes about gaining expertise on new models of life. Working for more than 10 years with the desire to benefit a large audience from this technology, Mohit Parnami has emerged as an entrepreneur responding to his specialization in the field of digital marketing.

With annual revenue of over $ 4 million, SarkarSEO’s Mohit Company is a bootstrap company that strives to empower e-businesses to reach their full potential by achieving higher ranks in engines. research and generating maximum return on investment through effective SEO solutions. SarkarSEO is entirely designed to generate value for its customers and is the product of Mohit’s passion and dream of building something great. has used its existing presence in 40 countries such as USA, Canada, Korea, UK and Australia to serve more and more businesses, allowing them to grow further. Seeing the powerful company, PayPal’s official site promoted the brand to a much wider audience. This allowed the expansion of SEO marketing overseas. Since the company partnered with PayPal, has been able to restore confidence among international consumers and accompany them on a hassle-free transaction journey.

Leading a high impact, results driven business, Founder Mohit Parnami says, “At SarkarSEO, we affirm that we are meeting clients’ needs to our full potential and making them happy with their decision to choose us. In the present day, it has become quite important to consider that entrepreneurs run the world lately. They are even a source of jobs for the masses and, in my opinion, the “heroes” this world deserves.

Achieving the perfect work-life balance, Mohit Parnami believes in working with constant dedication and letting the fruit come out for itself. After trying out several hands-on projects, he found his calling with SarkarSEO in 2010, turning it into a credible brand that holds the reins of the digital marketing world.

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