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NoPixel Owner Koil Shares Weird GTA RP Unlock Requests He Receives

Koil, founder and owner of NoPixel, shared some of the no-ban requests he receives from players who have been kicked from the popular GTA RP server, including a particularly interesting post from the “biggest troll on the planet”.

Whether it’s the massive maintenance costs needed to keep the lights on or an almost constant stream of streamer-related drama, Koil – the man in charge of GTA RP’s successful NoPixel server – has to contend with it. to a lot of things to keep the operation going smoothly.

Now, the Aussie has revealed another aspect of his job as manager of NoPixel: dealing with unbanned requests from individuals who have been kicked from the server – and some of those banned players are doing themselves a disservice with the calls they’ve got. ‘they send.

While streaming on Twitch, the owner of NoPixel shared a non-ban request from a player who appeared to be digging a deeper hole instead of getting back into their good graces.

While most non-ban requests take on an apologetic tone, this player’s bizarre appeal – which included apparent threats like “you don’t understand the enormous reach I have” and mentioned his ” determination to separate all that you have built over the past seven years “- was anything but.

After reading the odd email, Koil called the player a “f ** king nutjob” and toasted him for bragging about his supposed net worth of $ 112 million. “What kind of stupid ** k would correct stuff like that?” he asked, then revealed that he hadn’t even responded to the player’s message.

“I imagine he’s either the biggest troll on the planet or a hedge fund baby,” Koil joked to his viewers, again emphasizing the player’s supposed vast influence and monetary power that he threatened to use against the owner of NoPixel if he wasn’t banned.

The player’s call follows an altercation on the NoPixel server involving perhaps the most infamous (and most frequently banned) player of all: Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel.

The player in question found himself at gunpoint by xQc after crossing paths on the server – what the banned player called a “business meeting” when xQc clearly had a more criminal view of the encounter.

According to NoPixel rules, players must act as if their life is in danger while at gunpoint. In this player’s case, they seemed to ignore the imminent threat of bodily harm and were subsequently banned after being shot by xQc, for a violation known as NVL or “not valuing life”.

Whatever the intentions behind their unblock request, the player’s efforts seem to have made Koil less supportive of undoing his deletion from the server, and this incident reinforces just how much the NoPixel owner and his staff have to deal with on a daily basis. .

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