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German protesters have canceled their Australian visas for a climate rally

Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke has canceled the visas of two German nationals after the duo were arrested for causing major disruption at a major transport hub in Sydney.

The government’s cancellation of the visa comes after Blockade Australia protesters blockaded Port Botany for two consecutive days, causing traffic chaos in a major Sydney industrial hub.

Talk to 2 GB Radio, the Immigration Minister said he had consulted with NSW Police and Border Force officials to make a decision on visas for German men.

Hawke then revealed that the two men’s temporary work visas had now been canceled for “good order” reasons.

“We have zero tolerance for temporary visa holders who commit crimes in Australia,” he said. “This is unacceptable and we are going to take a very tough stance.”

Border Force will now remove the brothers from Australia as soon as possible.

Home Secretary Karen Andrews said earlier today that deportation options were being considered following their climate protests over the past two days.

She told 2GB: “It’s an option to consider to cancel a visa. No one supports their conduct, it’s stupid and they can go home.”

Blockade Australia blasted the federal government’s decision and accused the nation of being “profit driven and protecting capital over the community”.

“Will will not give in to fear tactics,” the climate action group said in a statement. “There are no borders to the climate crisis. You cannot deport climate resistance.”

A maximum sentence of two years in prison and a fine of $22,000 could be imposed on anyone who disrupts a bridge or tunnel through Greater Sydney.

According to ABC Newsanother weather protest disrupted Port Botany traffic when the 32-year-old tied himself to a pole in front of a train track, causing major delays.

Her protest comes after two women were arrested last night for allegedly using trucks to blockade a container terminal during rush hour.

The two women were charged with encouraging the conduct of an operation with a view to committing a crime, failing to obey the police or authorized persons and preventing the free passage of a vehicle.

They will appear at Waverley Local Court next month.