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Former Mossad chief Yossi Cohen: Will the West be lenient with Iran?

Former Mossad chief Yossi Cohen has expressed grave concern that the West is lenient with Iran over the nuclear issue and its destabilization of the Middle East.

In his first speech since his retirement on June 1, he rhetorically asked at a Friends of Bar Ilan conference on Monday night: “Will we be pushovers to Iran?” Are we going to let him support and lead the terror? Destroy the embassies?

“We have to be stubborn and determined with Iran. We must declare to Iran that its actions are unacceptable. This is the central tendency of our strategy, ”Cohen said.

The former Mossad director continued: “If the United States leaves Iraq, it will be conquered by Iran. The rockets that came from the north during Operation Guardian of the Walls were largely managed by the Iranians. It supports two terrorist organizations which are against us ”, in Lebanon and Gaza.

He warned that the Islamic Republic is providing precise and advanced weapons to terrorist groups in both arenas, which creates a whole new level of danger for Israel’s home front.

In the past, terrorist groups had never had such advanced weapons, Cohen said.

Regarding Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah, he said: “It is not yet known whether he is sick with the coronavirus, but something is wrong with him – we are trying to clarify this. “

Nasrallah recently gave a speech intended to show his power, but which was billed as showing weakness because he was coughing all over the place.

One area where Cohen admitted fault was in relations with Qatar.

During his tenure as Mossad head, Cohen had been a major facilitator and supporter of transferring funds from Qatar to Hamas to prevent an economic collapse in Gaza, while keeping the terrorist group on a leash that could restrict it.

Cohen appeared to admit after the Gaza war of May 10-21 that this Hamas funding policy in Qatar had spiraled out of control and failed to bring the rewards he had intended.

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