Destabilizing speculation

Blind Americans, Europeans

US President Joe Biden prepared for his summit with Vladimir Putin by first meeting with EU leaders to hear their views on how to engage the Russian leader.

Biden is said to have had private talks with his European counterparts at the G7 meeting in England last weekend, then with NATO members in Brussels, followed by European Union leaders the day before his flight to Geneva. for a historic summit with Putin.

After his confab with EU leaders Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel, he was agreed that the Americans and the Europeans would continue to have high-level discussions to “better coordinate policy and actions” towards Russia.

“We remain united in our principled approach to Russia and stand ready to respond decisively to its repeated pattern of negative behavior and harmful activities, which Russia must address to prevent further deterioration of relations,” did he declare.

This amounts to blind leading the blind in relations with Russia. The Americans’ consultation with Europe, and vice versa, is a dead end or perhaps even a path to the abyss.

The two are hopelessly ill-informed by ignorance, bigotry, and Russophobia so that either of them finds a viable relationship with Russia. What chance then of formulating realistic policies and actions that could lead to a normalization of relations? On the contrary, their negative mindset will only make the problems worse.

Let us return to the statement quoted above. US and EU leaders confidently accuse Russia of “its repeated pattern of negative behavior and harmful activities, which Russia must address to prevent further deterioration in relations.”

What “negative behavior” are they referring to?

Interference in the American and European elections? There is absolutely no evidence for this and it is based on politicized intelligence and innuendo. Listening to Western politicians and media, however, cynical speculation is cited as an article of faith. It’s indoctrination, not reasonable thinking. Russia has consistently and vehemently dismissed the allegations as “unfounded”.

Annexation of Crimea? The people of Crimea voted to join the Russian Federation in a legally organized referendum in March 2014, after the US and the EU backed a coup in Kiev bringing neo-Nazis to power. Crimea has centuries of shared Russian history and culture. The ignorance of Western politicians and media cannot erase this.

Aggression against Ukraine? The US-NATO armed Kiev regime is bombing the ethnic Russian population in eastern Ukraine in violation of a ceasefire and the 2015 Minsk Accord. Russian military maneuvers are conducted on its own sovereign territory while NATO forces encroach near Russia’s borders.

Support a dictator in Syria? Russia ended a covert criminal war of aggression waged by NATO powers by using terrorist proxies to overthrow an elected president, Bashar al-Assad, who has since been re-elected by the Syrians freely and fairly. Russia defended a sovereign nation. Western powers have secretly attacked it and continue to impose crippling sanctions on Syria preventing its post-war reconstruction.

Influence operations to undermine Western democracy? You mean the very legitimate influence of the Russian news media which gives a new perspective on international events to the Western public in such a way as to expose the propaganda lies of the Western government? Oh, yes, that kind of influence is indeed destabilizing… destabilizing the deception and duplicity of the Western government.

Poison Alexei Navalny? The blogger is a convicted embezzler who has a habit of staging provocations in collusion with Western intelligence agencies. Where is the proof that he was poisoned? It’s just ridiculous hearsay repeated over and over again using the Big Lie technique.

The despicable thing is this: If you believe the above accusatory allegations and more, then how is it possible for Russia to “change its behavior to prevent further deterioration of relations”? How is Russia able to convince some ideologically twisted people who have been instilled with illusions and lies that she “changed”?

The problem is not Russia or its alleged malicious conduct. The problem is the false perception and brainwashed fanaticism that resides among Western leaders and media.

This would explain the schizoid and contradictory position of the United States and Europe towards Russia (and also towards China).

Western powers are being held mentally hostage by their own derogatory propaganda. Their politicians are infected with ideological constructions demonizing Russia. Therefore, they literally cannot think correctly or rationally when it comes to formulating policy and relations with Russia (or China).

On the one hand, Joe Biden and his European allies talk about engaging with Russia to work on areas of common interest. While on the other hand, they talk about confronting Russia and holding it to account… based on false allegations.

Americans and Europeans approach Russia (and China) on the basis of blind ignorance and the blind arrogance that comes with it. It is not possible to have productive and normal relationships based on blindness. The Americans and the Europeans will tip over on themselves by pursuing a policy without a pointless and useless outcome. At worst, they could trip the rest of the world into catastrophic war.

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