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Big Red Blitz: Breakdown of Eric Chinander and Mario Verdusco Columbus

Columbus, Nab. – Huscar defense coordinator Eric Chinander and quarterback coach Mario Verdusco stopped in Columbus on Wednesday for the Big Red Blitz.

Here is a summary of what the coach had to say.

*** He loves working in the track club. No one hates working with him. The fans also make his job more enjoyable.

*** He had chills when he first stepped out of the Memorial Stadium tunnel on game day. He thought he knew what to expect, but said it was the most special place in the country.

*** Reminded people he couldn’t comment on high school students. He said there is a very special young man in Columbus who is excited to work with him in the future (see validation class 2022). Ernest houseman).

*** The coaches are excited to start. The offensive line squad is big and strong, including the tight end.

*** It’s the most exciting thing he’s ever stood up for. They are really young in some places, but there are qualified leaders in others.

*** Seniors lead by example. The rest of the team understand their attitude and love of the game.

*** Coach Frost has done a great job in team culture, and it doesn’t always look like it from the outside. The fans were more than patient and understanding.

“Rebuilding a culture with over 100 people on a team is a dirty and delicate task. You can do it right or quickly. I think the coach did it right. “

*** They see more recruits within 500 miles of Lincoln. Because they are really important people. It makes more sense for kids to play at Memorial Stadium nearby, but others can learn.

*** If they come back as true black shirts, they need constant effort, competitive excellence, and sound decision making.

*** Older leaders actually hire players to set standards.

*** It was really useful to meet all the players during the summer training. The players have a lot of rep and exposure.

*** The zoom can still be adopted as an additional tool. Delivering them to Lincoln is a top priority, but until then, Zoom is performing well.

*** ***Mikai Gubayor And Jaylen weaver Only two new employees have yet to arrive at Lincoln.

*** New people saw this part and said he was happy to work with them. Wynden ho’ohuli I walked into a door that looked like a million dollars.

*** They were able to hire more locals as they moved into work. The roster is young enough that you can bring in locals and raise them.

*** Cinanda thinks they can have one of the best high schools in the country. They’ll be pretty close when they find out who’s swinging in the opposite corner.

*** Cam Taylor-Britt had something special about him in high school. He could tell he would be anything no matter where he was on the pitch. He is not afraid of making mistakes.

*** Nick Henrich was crushed, but after becoming healthy he played better than anyone in three weeks of spring football.

*** Over 40 high school students already train individually with Huskers staff.

*** Coach Greg Austin has a group of young men who look like ten big offensive lines. All are in favor of culture.

*** They believe the running back and the O-line will improve dramatically.

*** Really comfortable in the depth of the QB room.

*** Adrian Martinez’s fumble isn’t a lack of effort, he just wants to do so much. He understands that if you care about your teammates, you need to take care of football.

*** When looking for new employees, they look at their athletic performance, which means they can process information quickly if they are “hard-pressed”. Second, they want to know if they are diligent and culturally appropriate.

*** If the guys are “pro style” or “double threat” they won’t get involved.

*** They missed all the development work with Logan Mothers last spring. He was inconstant at the time of his release.

*** Heinrich Herberg is a pointed cat. He just needs experience. He struggled with himself with the spring loaded bullet, but then calmed down.

*** They are suitable for athletes who play spring sports, but it helps if they arrive early to get things going and learn attacking.

*** Logans mothers have good eyesight in nature. He seems to understand a little problem.

*** He wants Adrian Martinez to always give them a chance to win the game. It’s about trusting the defense and taking care of the ball.

*** Martinez was benched last season because he wasn’t doing things objectively and the interception in the Northwest Game knocked the boat upside down.

*** The instability around Adrian shouldn’t affect his decision.

*** It usually takes a year for a man to learn more about himself and mature, but that shouldn’t affect the way he takes care of the ball.

*** Standing on the bench motivated Adrian, but he’s not a man who needs a lot of outside motivation.

Big Red Blitz: Breakdown of Eric Chinander and Mario Verdusco Columbus

Big Red Blitz: Breakdown of Eric Chinander and Mario Verdusco Columbus

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