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Axis MF relaunches a dynamic equity fund as a balanced advantage fund

Axis MF relaunches a dynamic equity fund as a balanced advantage fund

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Mumbai, October 1 (PTI) Axis Mutual Fund has renamed and repositioned its dynamic four-year equity fund, which has generated total assets under management (AUM) of Rs 1,458 crore since its launch in August 2017, as benefits fund.

The Rs 1,458 crore balanced benefit fund will remain a dynamic open-ended asset allocation fund actively managing exposure between equities and fixed income securities, said Anupam Tiwari, fund manager of the fund manager on Friday. ‘shares at the fund house, at PTI.

Tiwari said the repositioning is effective from October 1.

With this, the fund company aims to become a leading player in the category of balanced benefit funds, he said, adding that the fund will now have more flexibility to invest in a class of. particular assets with a minimum range of zero percent to a maximum range of 100% in equities and fixed income securities.

The fund also has the option of investing 0-10% in units issued by REITs and InvITs.

He said that asset allocation is guided by an internal proprietary methodology that allows them to manage exposure to equities in response to changes in underlying market conditions and thus providing a better option for investors who have a horizon. longer in mind.

This dynamic nature makes it an ideal investment solution for all investors, as the fund not only manages to better manage market volatility, but also focuses on building long-term wealth, he said.

Explaining the rationale for the move, Tiwari said the inherently volatile nature of stocks can sometimes lead to short-term price anomaly, which influences investor behavior and leads investors to buy at market peaks and sell at market peaks. lower in the market, causing massive destruction of wealth.

He added, however, that this risk and hefty loss can be mitigated if investors receive a product with intelligent risk management built into it. Tiwari claimed that Axis Balanced Advantage Fund is such a product that offers a solution to this basic problem for investors.

The fund has so far given 27 percent returns this year and 8.4 percent last year and 9 percent the year before.

Axis MF Managing Director and CEO Chandresh Nigam said Balanced Advantage Funds enable investors to mitigate equity risk through a structured process that manages equity exposure dynamically. “Thus, they can help transform the investment experience by allowing investors to benefit from the long-term growth potential of stocks while managing their risk.”

With 10-11 equity funds worth over 1.1 lakh crore AUM, Axis MF is the market leader in pure open-ended equity funds. This means that just over 50 percent of its total assets under management of Rs 2.1 lakh crore are parked in stocks, and the remainder in the spread between 4-5 hybrid funds, and debt and securities at fixed income. PTI BEN HRS


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