What A Society Is and Its Different Types


Nobody wants to be alone in this world. A person must belong to a group of common people. Society is a group of which you belong to. A human society is a group of people living in the same community, which can have the same beliefs, culture and religion, and sharing same interest. A subculture society is a particular kind of group that is part of a large group, wherein people think alike, act alike and almost do the same. Society makes you think of where you really belong, seeking for companionship and having one goal as well.

As there are many societies that are formed you may wander what these groups are and why are they grouped like these. Take a look at these classifications below and their characteristics:

1. Horticultural society are group of people that are skilled in planting vegetables and fruits and it is already their way of life.

2. Foraging society is a group of people long time ago who were too independent from one another , since they were few members, searching and gathering tasks were equally divided among them. There are plant growers and animal hunters. They are ruled by tribal leaders and would not even have a final decision in certain issues. There is a group participation needed in decision making.

society3. Pastoral society , this group introduced of new technology of using the animals advantages instead of hunting as well as gathering them for the sake of foos. It is more beneficial to them to sell and make something put of the animals, like the material for making bags and clothes. This lead to the beginning people who lived in urban and rural areas. Healers and spiritual teachers were also developed in this society. This society still exist in North Africa, Somalia and Ethiopia.

4. Agricultural society – a sytem has developed wherein there are already differences between people who are slaves and who are owners. There is a rapid increase in population, and the classes began evolving like the lower, middle and upper class began. These are practiced in Europe.

5. Postindustrial society where the revolution of industrial technology began. France, Japan, USA and Britanie the most widely known to be the post industrial countries in the world. These are the most advanced in the field of technology. They are the highly developed countries in the world. Having access to the great technologies will ease their lives. They are the pleased of having a world-class economy, and there are no differences with regards to the classes, and between the urban and rural areas. Each of the people has its own responsibility and with that, they have their individual freedom. They work hand in hand to solve whatever may give problem to them with the help of their great advances in technology through science.

6. Industrial Society – group of people who are into advance technologies that produce goods and services and distribute them. This began in Europe and spread out to the rest of the countries. In here, advanced process in farming has been developed and people are learning to know their rights as workers of the society.

To know these types of society and how it began to exist will truly awaken us and make us realize as well how these came to be. Different levels of society develops because of how they are introduced and how technology affects them. Thus it is proven that technology can give a lot of benefits and the only gateway in improving the lives of people. This is the thing that divided the society and gave society a better view of something more greater in the life of individual. This gives a great role to the society in changing lifestyles and beliefs as well.