How to choose the perfect golf club for your shot

Check out all the different PGA pro players like Phil Mickelson and the skills they have learned, listed below in the article. Finding the right club isn’t just about going over to the bag and sliding out the recommended option. It starts much before that, when buying and selecting the clubs from the store or … [Read more…]

Job Creation in Maine is a Result of Tax Credits

State Tax Credits It is important to recognize the many positive benefits that have come thanks to the federal programs and the state of Maine. The tax payers in Maine have really reaped many good benefits. These tax credits have allowed the following items to happen: * an overall improved quality of life * 274 … [Read more…]

The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility

One company called Mannatech, Inc. is well recognized by various prestigious agencies for their wonderful, founding work of the M5MSM (Mission 5 Million SM) Foundation. This is a pioneering foundation of Glyconutrition, and they are natural supplemental global innovators for Real Technology solutions. They have helped people on a daily basis who suffers from malnutrition worldwide, by giving them a combination of nutrition in their products.

Shared Vision Is a Must for Solving Homelessness

As part of a delegation of over 60 leaders from Central Florida and the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness, I was able to learn from the leadership in Salt Lake City about their 12 year journey to more than 90 percent reduction in chronic homelessness. Our group had the opportunity to tour several sites and to meet with the leaders to hear their successes and their challenges.

Q and A with Debevoise Sean Hecker

Debevoise attorney Sean Hecker says the most challenging cases he has worked on regard the corruption issues surrounding the Siemens Compliance Committee. He says the challenges were the different language and cultural issues as well as the differing legal systems. The investigation had a short time duration and this was also a challenge. Also he … [Read more…]

Mannatech’s Mission 5 Million Foundation Feeds Children

That’s why the nutritional supplement company Mannatech ( launched the independent nonprofit Mission 5 Million (M5M) Foundation to supply five million poor children around the world with its nutritional supplements. They picked 5 million because it’s the estimated number of children who die of hunger annually, according to the United Nations World Health Organization. That’s one death every six seconds.

What A Society Is and Its Different Types

Nobody wants to be alone in this world. A person must belong to a group of common people. Society is a group of which you belong to. A human society is a group of people living in the same community, which can have the same beliefs, culture and religion, and sharing same interest. A subculture … [Read more…]